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Please meet the management committee here at SMWC 
It is made up of club members who have volunteered to help with the daily running of the club.
They've taken on this roll because they have an interest in how the club runs & hope with their help & commitment the club will be able to offer all its members & guests an enjoyable time while using the facilities.
This will also enable the club to  continue to provide the community with a much needed venue to meet new friends, hold family functions, play sports & be entertained.
Committee members are elected by club members each year following the A.G.M. This is usually held in June.
Any member of SMWC can put their name forward to be voted on when the nominee process starts.
Please only put yourself forward if you are willing to fully commit to the club, this includes committee duties where and when required. I.E calling/selling bingo, concert/game room duties.  

Please contact the club with any problems You may have If we are unable to deal with it straight away it will be dealt with at the monthly meeting.  

Thank You you will recieve a reply within 1 day

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